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January 1, 2009
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Grease Monkey by couleur Grease Monkey by couleur
Copyright © 2009 Lim Wan Xiong, All Rights Reserved

Putrajaya, Selangor, Malaysia

Canon 40D + EF-S 10-22mm f/3.5-4.5 USM + 2x Hoya NDX8 + Special Equipment

Did a first test of a newer rig. Worked out pretty well but needs more adjustment. Had it sent to the fabricator for some teaks, can't wait to rig the next car.

If you're all wondering what car is this, it's actually a Toyota Supra. With the Lexus SC transformation, and Super GT wide body kit made by Monster Garage.

Very fast, Very expensive & Very cool!

This car is spectacular, it's a monster indeed! Not a car you would like to drive everyday, it's probably one of the most difficult cars I had ever driven, took me quite a while to get the clutch work with the gas. And I was pretty freaked out after 2cd gear. The speed just smashes into your face. Oh and the clutch feels like 50kgs of leg press. Brakes doesn't feel normal either. The dashboard is like a jet fighters cock pit and smells like petroleum inside. It really gives a super car feeling, like a Gumpert but a street and much more less comfortable version. It has about 700-800hp under the hood. The owner is probably one of the most responsible drivers I had ever known who drives cars like these.

It was pretty fun doing this shoot. We were accompanied with some pretty bored police officers who were just interested to ask about the car. And it happened twice, they were cool. It's also amazing to watch how people would look at this car when driving through the highway and town areas. One driver on the road was having his eyes glued to this car that he nearly knock into me by the side.

Anyways i'm going to try out some videography on this car during the weekend since my rig isn't with me. Can't wait for it.

Date Picture Taken: Dec 28, 2008, 2:13 PM

Prints not available due to personal work, unless requested with owner's permission.*

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couleur Featured By Owner Jan 20, 2009
Thanks, this is one hell of a car. :bow:
memod Featured By Owner Jan 20, 2009  Professional
so it seems :D
couleur Featured By Owner Jan 27, 2009
Indeed! :bow:
hellemester Featured By Owner Jan 18, 2009
couleur Featured By Owner Jan 20, 2009
Thanks dear. :hug:
deblues245 Featured By Owner Jan 15, 2009
FxSanyi ,this kit is one off production kit...v neber open mould,if u want i can sell u this kit if im take out later..
jus email me
couleur Featured By Owner Jan 15, 2009
You need to click on reply at his post in order to reply him. If not, he wont receive the message.
miscbeep Featured By Owner Jan 15, 2009  Hobbyist General Artist
What does rig mean ?
couleur Featured By Owner Jan 15, 2009
some equipment.
FxSanyi Featured By Owner Jan 11, 2009  Hobbyist Photographer
:wow: Supras & Celicas are my fav cars :omg: This body kit just supposed to come out later! Do you have more tech details on this?

I can't believe you have such amazing pictures at your age... just WOW
These places... these cars... that camera :faint: and your angles also tell of hell lot of skill :omg:

I'm just speechless. Keep up the good work!
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